If Your Wondering, How To Get Viewers on Twitch?

by craig@midwestdigitaldesigns.com
Get more twitch viewers

A very common question streamers ask, is “How can I get more viewers to my stream”? It doesn’t matter if you are streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook, they are all wondering the same thing.

As streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook is getting more and more popular, we thought it would be a good idea to give you guys and gals the BEST tips to put yourselves in the best position to grow your audience, increase your engagements, increase your revenue, and become the best streamer!

There is actually a lot of things that you can do to increase your viewer count! With my background in twitch and marketing, I have built this massive list to help grow your twitch community. These are the best practices to bring in regular viewers and grow your audience.

This list is going to cover the top things that you can start implementing TODAY to grow your twitch channel. So, stick around and read through to the end for a bonus.

By doing everything listed above, you will definitely see improvements on your streams! Now let’s break each of them down a bit further to give you more context to how to do each of them.

ALWAYS have high energy, sit up straight, and have FUN!

You don’t want to be that guy punching your monitor because you’re not happy playing the game. The viewers on twitch can since if you are having fun or not.

If you’re not having fun, neither are they. Playing games you enjoy will make you happier and keep your strive going to becoming a full-time streamer!

Ask your viewers to tell their friends about how awesome your stream is

Having your twitch viewers promote your channel for you is a great way to get more like-minded viewers to watch your streams.

Most people who watch streamers have friends that are into the same categories, so it’s the perfect way to get groups of friends to watch.

Be Active on Reddit and All Gaming Forums

Being active in the gamer community can be a HUGE way to increase your viewer count on your twitch community. It is also a great way to build your brand awareness.

By answering questions or just providing content on these platforms will show the community you are worth checking out.

Be Yourself

Everyone says, be unique. But I disagree. You have to be yourself. Everyone can tell if you are being fake, and it will come out eventually.

(Insert pic of wheelchair guy standing)

But this one really matters! Just your being your unique self-matters will draw in people to you and want to keep watching and growing with your channel.

Twitch viewers will connect with someone who they can relate to, and if you’re being fake they won’t make the connection.

Build a branded website to help drive views

Having a website doesn’t sound like it’s something that would help, but you’d be surprised. Not only does it make you more professional, it also gives you another place twitch viewers and see your content.

Not only that, but there are plugins to the website that will tell the viewers that you are live. Any way to promote yourself to your viewers is going to help!

This is how some of the biggest people generate more income from their streams.

Constantly talk throughout your stream

I could not tell you how many times I’ve joined a stream and it’s dead silent. The twitch streamer is not acknowledging the chat, just staring at his monitor.

That is not going to make me stick around. You need to be engaging in chat as much as possible!

Tell everyone a story, about anything. Telling stories is an awesome way for viewers to connect to you. You can even ask for advice about making it better for them. Keeping your viewer list open will help you recognize returning viewers.

Additionally, they will feel like part of your journey. Checking your chat every minute is so important in the beginning of your streaming career.

Even if you’re an introvert, you need to be talking. Talk about what you’re doing. You can talk about why you did what you just did. Talk about the match your in.

You can even talk about why the sky is blue… Literally anything, just keep talking. It will take time, but this is one of the most important things you can do to get more viewers on Twitch.

Create a Facebook group for your main game or category

This one blows me away… Especially if you’re streaming on Facebook, you need a Facebook group. Name your Facebook group around the category of games you play.

This is the perfect way to keep putting out content for your stream. You want to keep your twitch viewers thinking about YOU as much as possible. Social Media is one of the easiest ways to grow your audience.

Create a brand for your channel, including overlays Video Play Banner, and all images

Most twitch streamers already have this covered, but if not, you need to brand your Twitch channel. Having the professionally designed images for your twitch streams goes a long way. It will tell your audience that you’re serious about your channel.

There are so many ways to get free overlays and images for your channel there is no reason you shouldn’t have this already.

Once you have a big enough audience, you can also start generating additional income from this later on.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to increase your viewers on twitch. The organic reach from social media will put your content in front of people who have never heard of you.

Not only does it put you in front of new people, it will also tell your followers when you go live.

You need to create all major social media account because most people have their favorite platform. Just because you like Facebook, your top donator may like twitter.

Having a fan page on the major platforms is also a great way to connect to your viewers. Even if you’re not streaming, you can still remind them you’re around.

PRO TIP: I personally like using ifttt to automate this. When you have ifttt set up it will automatically push a notification to all of the major social media platforms that you are live.

Create an account on Player.me to promote your stream

This is a great website for interacting with a community of gamers. It’s like the LinkedIn of gaming. It’s a great place to meet others just like you.

You can even create your own community on there to help grow your audience. There are a lots of features to check out, but it’s worth it.

Create an Active Discord Server

Like I’ve mentioned previously, you want to keep interacting with your viewers on twitch. Being active on discord even when you’re not on stream will help with the connection to your viewers.

It’s also a great way to help your viewers keep like they are part of your stream. Even if you’re not in the same voice chat as your twitch viewers, it will help them feel connected to your twitch stream.

Create Clickbait Titles

When your title of your twitch stream is something interesting, more people are going to click. You’re not going to want to lie, but having something interesting will make more people view your Twitch channel.

If you’re very high ranked, or going to do something special that stream, it needs to be in the title for your viewers on twitch to see it. Think of news titles when you’re writing it. A little over exaggeration doesn’t hurt a bit here.

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things you can do.

Don’t play games you don’t enjoy

Just because a new game is coming out, doesn’t mean you HAVE to play it. Like previously mentioned, if you’re not having fun, then nobody will be. This happens when new games come out.

So, if you’re a league of legends player, then you don’t need to play the latest Call of Duty.

And if you notice that you’re getting burnt out playing the same game over and over (this happens to me so much), then switch! You have to enjoy the game you’re playing to keep your passion for your stream.

Engage with other streamers in the same gaming categories

Before and after your twitch stream, you should go check out the streamers in your same category. Getting to know the others is always a good idea when you’re looking to get more viewers on twitch.

By teaming with someone in your same category will help grow both of your audiences. Your twitch viewers will check out their channel, and their twitch viewers will check out your channel. You can even setup the multistream.

You can even ask for advice from a mentor.

PRO TIP: It’s a great to be in the front of their mind when they are going to end their stream and looking for someone to host.

Find discord channels for your game and promote yourself

Discord is a great plat to find people who are interested in the same games your into. There are even some discord channels that were strictly made to promote your stream.

Joining other people’s discord server and providing value will entice people to learn more about you, and find your stream.

Disclaimer: You DO NOT want to be that spammy guy that joins the server to promote yourself. People will blacklist you and you’ll lose this valuable connection.

Free gifts or promotions

Free gifts or promotions are a great way to grow your twitch channel. Having this in your title will surely draw people into your twitch stream if you have a lower audience. This is an easy way to get viewers to at least check out your channel.

Disclaimer: You don’t want to be known for doing give-a-ways, so I would limit how much you do this.

Go to Events to Promote Yourself

Going to events, like Twitchcon, is a great way to interact with the twitch community as a whole. Meeting all of the people who stream and the viewers will motivate you to continue doing what you love.

Just make sure your wearing your merch when you go to self-promote yourself!

Have a Follower Notification

Any time you can recognize your viewers specifically, by name is going to make them feel special. That is one thing that fans love and grows their loyalty to streamers. If you need to learn how to use streamlabs, you can check out our article.

Just by saying thank you to the viewer will show them you are humbled by them simply clicking a button and show support.

PRO TIP: Always remind people if they are enjoying the streams to follow you, while reminding them it’s free and only takes a second, but means so much to you. Its things like this that will make viewers come back.

Politely ask your friends and family turn your stream, even if they don’t watch

If you can get everyone you know to turn the twitch stream on while your streaming it helps! This works great when you first start streaming. You can instantly go from 0-15 viewers. You can even grab your cellphone and turn the stream on while you’re streaming.

More people would be willing to give you a shot compared to a streamer with zero viewers.

Ask your viewers to share your stream on social media

Social media is one of the most underutilized things with today’s streamers. The organic reach of social media alone can grow your stream to a countless viewer list. Not only can it tell your viewers when you are live streaming, it can also grow the connection you have with your viewers.

PRO TIP: With as much content is published on today’s social media you cannot over saturate your viewers with content. With that said, publish more and produce content.

Make YouTube videos

This is something I’ll assume every twitch stream is already doing, but if not, start NOW! YouTube is the best social media for video games. Even if you’re only putting on clips, it will help! Sometimes even people search for your channel to follow/subscribe just from YouTube videos.

When your audience grows, this will become another source of income.

Stream a video game that is newly released, only if you’re interested in the game

This tip can be tricky. I suggest you only play new games if they actually interest you and are in your same category. New video games get a lot of viewers, but if it is not something you’re interested in, then stay away.

New release video games draw in a lot of viewers, as they want to see what the game is about and how to play. If you can be one of the first streamers to stream this game, it could be a HUGE launch to your streaming career!

Play games with lots of interest and also not a lot of streamers

If you can see a game that you’re interested in with lots of interest, but not a lot of streamers, you hit gold! This is when the stars and moon all line up. Rarely in today’s age does this happen, but when it does, it’s magic. This will send your twitch career into new heights!

If you can find this unicorn, then you are all set. Once you get high on the list for the video game, no one will be able to stop you!

Play in tournaments

This is what set Shroud apart from the rest. Shroud was a professional CS: GO player for Cloud9. Since he was known for his “Reddit moments”, he started to grow a following. His fans knew who he was from the professional level of CS: GO he played in the tournaments.

Not only will more viewers find you, it also makes you known in the game community. It’s a great way to meet other streamers for future streaming partners.

Play with your viewers

Playing video games with your viewers will create a true die-hard fan. Having a channel discord server will make this much easier for you to do. If you can have a fan play right with you while you’re streaming you’re going to make their day.

Not only will this help break the silence, it will give you someone to talk to and grow relationships on twitch. This is a great way for followers to gain loyalty to their favorite streamer.

Make a post on other streamers websites that play the same games

You want to add value to whatever you are posting. If people are interested in what you have to say, they will find your stream. You want to make sure that you are not just spamming your link to your twitch stream. Not only will you annoy people, you will get black listed, quick.

Post on various other websites with a link to your stream

I’ve already mentioned a few sites, but even the game form that you play is a great spot to go. You’ll want to add your stream to your signature on your profile, without just spamming it on every post. Again, like previously mentioned, you want to add value to the post.

Almost every game has their own site, so that’s a great place to start. Read the article, post something useful, and they will come.

This is a great way to build awareness about your stream/brand. It gives you a place to put you in front of people who have never seen you before. Make sure you mention you are live streaming the same game, while providing value.

Post when you are going live your Social Media Accounts

Posting you are start streaming is a great way to get people into your stream as soon as it starts. Most twitch streamers are already doing this, when they remember.. This is an important step to get the results you want.

Think of it as your business cards, pass them out to everyone!

If you are serious about growing your viewership, then setting this up using ifttt will be something you want to do. It can automatically post that you are going live on all of your accounts without you doing anything. Automation makes these tasks and your life so much easier!

If you have a problem with ifttt, just ask me for help!

Raid channels in the same game category as yours, streamers with more viewers

Raiding and hosting is an awesome thing you can do when streaming. Sometimes even streamers with more viewers than you normally get will start raiding you back. Usually when the streamer raids another channel they shout you out.

This is awesome for everyone to do. This really does help each other out by sharing your audience. Intern it will grow your return visits and followers. You should not see other streamers as your competition, rather they are your colleagues.

Additionally, make sure you say thanks and greet the new viewers! The better experience you provide, the better your viewership will be.

Research the best time to stream

You need to look at what time others are streaming, read articles, and check your colleagues. I personally like to write this stuff down so I can keep track of other’s schedules. It will make your life much easier to try to figure it out.

The easiest way to do this is to list out the streamers live streaming the same game that you play and visit their streamers. Find their schedule and keep track. I know I know, this is a lot of work, but if you want the results, you have to put in the work!

Stick to your Stream Schedule

People need to be able to depend on your streaming schedule. This will help your viewership, get returning visits, and grow your followers.

If you normally stream at 4:00PM, you might have people waiting for you to come live. If your late, post it on your social media so fans will know when your streaming. This will give the viewers the best experience possible, which is important.

If you’re consistently late, no one will show up when you start streaming. Or if another streaming is going to host you because you normally start streaming when they go offline, and you miss it they won’t host you again.

Stream at least THREE Days per Week

All of the other information we read told you to stream often, but I’m telling you to stream three days a week, at minimum. According to twitch’s guidelines, they look for a regular streaming schedule of three days or more.

This is not a deal breaker for them when you are applying for a partnership, but I would rather not give another issues to not become a twitch partner. You can find more information about applying for Twitch partnership here.

Stream on multiple sites, until partnered on Twitch

This can be HUGE when you’re first starting out. If your rig can handle it, you should be streaming on Twitch, Facebook, & YouTube (at least). You can use software from restream.io to get this done very easily.

You want to remind all of your followers to move over to twitch as they come in from different sites. But this is a great way to start your journey to partnership.

Once you are a partner at twitch, you’ll only be able to stream on their platform. So keep that in mind as you grow.

Test the quality of your stream before going live

This seems dumb, but imagine you just get your stream started, get hosted for more viewers than you’ve ever had, then your mic doesn’t work! That would be horrible!

Doing a quick test of your streaming software only takes an extra minute or two and it will keep your streams professional.

Use chat bots, like Night bot

Chat bots will make your like so much easier. As previously mentioned, using automation is great! The less time you have to spend moderating your streams, the better. You can learn all about Twitch Commands for Mods from our article.

Not only does it help moderate your chat, it also keeps you from repeating yourself. Simple commands and answer your most frequently asked questions that you get sick of repeating! Again more automation the easier your job will be.

Use quality mic, cam, and PC for your Twitch stream

And I have to mention this, like all of the other posts. Having quality streaming gear is important. When you first start, you can get away with a $70 mic and $80 camera, but you’ll want to upgrade as your viewer list grows.

You’ll want to make sure that others can see and hear you without ruining the viewer experience.

Speaking of streaming gear, a second monitor is GREAT!

This isn’t a must, but if you only have one monitor, streaming is difficult. Having more than one monitor makes your streams SO much easier.

Being able to have your chat open while playing will help you engage with others easier. Keep you game in front of you, and put your streaming software, chat, and viewer list on the second.

PRO TIP: If you can’t afford a second monitor, just use your smart phone until you get one.

Keep an Eye on your Chat Box

When new fans join your stream, they usually ask a question or say hello. Sometimes this is difficult if you are playing a game, but you need to make sure you watch chat while streaming.

Most twitch streamers acknowledge their viewer by saying their name, or even just saying hey. If you don’t show appreciation for them, they’re going to leave.

Clean and neat background

Again, this one is less important, but it helps. Nobody wants to see your dirty laundry, figuratively and literally. Keep your background nice a neat so your followers can watch you instead of your socks moving by themselves.

Time management

This one is less important, but still something to note. Upcoming streamers say they don’t have enough time to stream. But it is part of the lifestyle.

If you want the results, you have to put in the time. Just like everything else in life, you have to make what you want a priority!


Have fun, this is the best career you could enjoy!

Ask your fans to share with EVERYONE.

Be active everywhere you can.

Say thanks to everyone.

Share your story to make your fans interested.


Build your brand.

Keep talking to every viewer!

Do the Work!

It’s not a competition.

Research products that will help you.

I hope you found this article useful, and you learned how to get more viewers on twitch!